Award: Gold Product for public health 2014

Award: Gold Product for public health 2014

Morning April 28th, 2014, the ceremony “2014 Golden Product for Public Health” was held at the Hanoi Opera House. The program was organized by the Vietnam Association of Functional Food (VAFF), evaluated for quality and broadcasted live on VTC1 – VTC Digital Television.

At the award ceremony, 227 products of 92 enterprises were honored as “Golden Product for Public Health” in various categories including: Health supplements, vitamin and micronutrient supplements; health promoting foods; food for special subjects such as the elderly, children; tea and energy drinks; health care equipment; vegetable oil, etc.

With the slogan “Tâm lớn trước sức khỏe cộng đồng” – Abipha has brought to the community the best health care products with natural, safe and effective sources to support treatment and prevent specialized diseases such as gout, osteoarthritis, oral heat, enhanced kidney function, male physiology, female physiology, etc. These products are Gout Abipha, Viên dưỡng Khớp Abipha, Canke nhiệt miệng, Bổ thận Nam, Bổ thận Nữ, etc. which help improve health, enhance the quality of life and bring hope to patients.

Although having been in the pharmaceutical market for nearly 4 years, Abipha has become a strongly developing and full of potential system. The company is currently one of the leading pharmaceutical enterprises in Vietnam in manufacturing and distributing herbal medicine and health supplements with high quality products that are diverse and reasonably priced. Abipha’s products have always been well received and appreciated by consumers across the country.

The award is recognition of the efforts of Abipha in improving product quality, modernizing production to bring the best products to consumers. Furthermore, this also affirms the brand reputation and trust of customers as well as the appreciation of professionals. “Golden product for public health” is an annual award organized by the Vietnam Association of Functional Foods, which took place for the first time in September 2013 with the aim of honoring the brands that are great in quality, reputable in the market, safe, and efficient.

In the speech of Professor Dr. Tran Dang, Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Functional Foods (VAFF) at the opening ceremony, he said: “Health is a precious asset of every human being, especially in the 21st century when people face more risks of diseases. Therefore, health supplements (functional foods) have a special role in preventing diseases, supporting disease treatment by enhancing the body’s immunity, improving the quality of life, overcoming critical health conditions and increasing longevity.”

Nevertheless, the current market of health supplements is scrutinized by the public opinions and there are many questions on management issues and product quality. Therefore, the annual activity “Awarding Gold Product for Public Health” is very important, not only to honor high quality products and prestigious businesses, but also to create an information channel for community to understand correctly about health supplements.

Mr. Phan The Kien – Business Director of Abipha International Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company – the representative of the company received the award and shared: “With the slogan “Tâm lớn trước sức khỏe cộng đồng”, Abipha always determines Trust is the most important factor for improving public health in Vietnam and the international market. We are honored to receive the award; we will continue trying our best to produce products worthy of the title “golden product” for public health! “

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